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Podcast 227 – The Importance Of Reading Nutrition Labels


senior fitness with meredith

Having a balanced diet to compliment an active lifestyle is key to living longer and healthier. However, not knowing exactly what we put into our bodies to support our healthy lifestyle can be a drawback, especially when we think what we are consuming is healthy. Nutrition labels give us the information we need to make smart choices and allow us to build a plan around the best choices of food for our bodies.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we wanted to dedicate a full episode to nutritional labeling and why it plays an important role in living a full active lifestyle.

2). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in working with clients and their thoughts on knowing what they eat and what goes into their diets.

3). Some of the mistakes people make when reading nutritional labels on food products and how that can lead to taking in more calories and/or fats than we think.

4). Why it’s important to know what each item on the label means and how to read them properly.

5). How knowing what you are eating and the ingredients involved with you food will help give you the power to make good food choices which in turn, will make you feel better and have more energy for an active life.


We hope the tips in this episode are helpful to you or someone you know who is looking to build an effective diet around a healthy lifestyle. Knowing what you consume is important and becoming familiar with the nutritional labeling on the foods you consume is the best place to get started.

Team Meredith