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Podcast 226 – Should You Start With Cardio Or Strength Training When Exercising?


senior fitness with meredith

Regular exercise is vital to living a longer more independent life and making sure to include both cardio exercises and strength training when exercising are the pillars to good body health.

But what is the best combination to start with when you train? Should you begin with cardio exercises like walking and running or should you begin with resistance training using weights for movements like curls, shoulder raises or leg presses to get started?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we decided to dedicate an episode to this topic and how it’s inspired by the many questions we get from followers and subscribers who struggle with this issue.

2). Why starting with a “warm up” is always a good idea before diving into your regular workout and how this usually consists of a lighter cardio routine.

3). The benefits of strength training after your body has already warmed up and some of the injuries you can avoid.

4). The importance of knowing your body’s limits when exercising which will help you stay safe when attempting more intense cardio or heavier strength training.

5). Meredith’s suggestions on how to create a workout that includes both strength training and cardio if you are short on time or only exercises a few days a week.


We hope the tips in this episode helps you or someone you know that struggles with the best combination of exercises when training. Both cardio and resistance exercises have benefits that compliment each other and both should be included in your weekly exercise schedule. However, knowing which combination better suites you can make a difference in your exercise routines and overall health.

Team Meredith