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Podcast 218 – The Benefits Of Pilates And Barre Exercises


senior fitness with meredith

Here at Senior Fitness With Meredith we love incorporating all kinds of different exercises and workouts that we think will help our watching audience. We recently introduced a few new workouts that focus on Pilates and Barre inspired movements and have received great feedback on them! (Thank You!)

This week we wanted to discuss the benefits of these types of workouts and why we felt it was important to include Pilates/Barre in our growing library of exercises for seniors (and all ages).

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). What are Pilates and Barre exercises and why we thought it was important to add them to our growing library of workouts.

2). How Pilates and Barre exercises are very accessible and easy to perform in your own home/space with little to no workout equipment.

3). How these types of exercises are great for helping to strengthen your posture and balance which is very important especially as we age.

4).  The benefits of being able to do a low impact, body weight only style workout especially for those who may have limited mobility or movement.

5).  How you can also benefit and perform Pilates and Barre exercises in a seated position which is great for those who prefer exercising in this manner.


We hope you found this podcast episode helpful and informative especially if you’ve been curious about Pilates and Barre exercises. You also may be new to these types of workouts which in this  case, we invite you to give them a try by going to our workouts page and searching for “Pilates”.

Team Meredith