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Podcast 213 – The Benefits of Water Aerobics


senior fitness with meredith

Water aerobics or exercising in water has been gaining popularity among older adults. Exercising in a low impact and safe environment has many benefits especially those with burdened joints and/or limitations.

Water buoyancy creates a safe place for doing low impact style cardio movements that are very easy on knees, hips, elbows and just about any other body part that regularly absorbs impact during the normal tasks of the day.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). The definition of “Water Aerobics” and what is actually involved with exercising in water.

2). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in teaching water aerobics classes and the feedback and responses from some of her clients.

3). How water creates an ideal environment for exercise for those who may have weakened joints or limitations or who just prefer a low impact style workout.

4). How exercising in water can help you improve flexibility in common problem areas like shoulders and knees and also help build strength as well.

5). Meredith’s suggestions on how to safely get started with water exercises whether it be a pool in your backyard or visiting a local gym or fitness facility.


We hope the benefits we’ve listed here in this episode help you discover a safe way to exercise if you haven’t already tried water aerobics. We recommend looking into your local gym, YMCA or living facility to find a good water aerobics class or instructor.

Remember, staying mobile is key to a long lasting independent life and incorporating water aerobics/exercises on a regular basis can make a huge difference for long term health.

Team Meredith