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Podcast 210 – The 6 Best Exercises For Activities of Daily Living (ADL)


senior fitness with meredith

We may not realize it but everyday activities such as carrying groceries, walking up and down stairs or getting up out of chairs all depend on muscle groups that we can easily take for granted.

These tasks are essential and routine which most healthy individuals can perform without assistance. These are defined as Activities of Daily Living or ADL. Such tasks are so common during the day that we don’t often realize the energy and strength needed to accomplish them until we are sidelined or limited with an injury or pain.

Luckily there are some simple essential exercises that help us strengthen areas of the body which we depend on everyday.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). What “ADL” stands for and how it helps define the baseline of activities that someone can do independently and why this is important.

2). How basic movements that we do everyday can cause injury or pain if we don’t proactively help strengthen our bodies to some degree.

3). How a modified version of a “squat to press” exercise which can be done seated, is helpful in building up strength to handle common movements throughout our day.

4). Why grip strength is important and some of Meredith’s suggestions on how to help strengthen the muscles involved with holding and carrying heavy objects.

5). Some of Meredith’s suggested exercises to help when getting in and out of a car, up out of a chair or any other compound type movements we do everyday.


We hope the information in this podcast helps you on your journey to physical independent living long into you golden years. Making sure we do the correct exercises that are necessary to keep our bodies healthy and functioning on their own is important. This allows us to continue to engage actively in life for as long as possible with our family, friends and loved ones.

Team Meredith