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Podcast 202 – Should You Exercise Prior To Surgery?


senior fitness with meredith

Regular exercise should be an important part of our daily lives and in most cases, we can exercise regularly without worry of it affecting our future selves. However, we sometimes have moments where we may have to receive surgery and the question of if it is a good idea to exercise prior to operating may arise.

Depending on what kind of surgery you may be having, the level of concern on whether you should be exercising before your surgery is a common question and one that we receive often. Because of this, we wanted to to dedicate this podcast episode to hopefully addressing these concerns.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in working with clients over the years and their feedback/stories of their surgeries and their thoughts about exercising before hand.

2). Why we feel that pre-surgery advice from the medical community is lacking and what more can be done to educate patients on pre-surgery prep as well as post op planning.

3). Some examples of resistance and cardio training exercises you should consider when preparing for surgery to help get your body ready.

4). How strengthening your body (resistance and cardio) before hand will help you recover faster after surgery.

5). Meredith’s advice to anyone who will be having surgery soon and is just starting out with exercise or hasn’t had any physical activity in a long time.


Having surgery is not a life event that we can always predict and it can cause concern especially if it is serious. We hope the information we’ve shared in the episode helps you determine your level of activity before you enter surgery. Knowing how it can actually help you in the long run/post op world is something to consider.

Making sure we give our bodies the best chance to recover after surgery is key and something that we can control ourselves.

Team Meredith