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Podcast 201 – What Is Cognitive Disability Fitness? (Our New Exercise Series)


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Cognitive disabilities affect many people especially in our later years. This refers to the effects of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke or other similar cognitive limitations.

The challenges involved in every day care and managing health can be difficult. Maintaining physical health is also just as challenging which is why we wanted to shed more light on this topic and also announce our limited “Cognitive Disability Exercises” series which promotes physical and mental wellness for those who suffer from the effects of cognitive diseases.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). An introduction to our new  Cognitive Disability Exercises series that we will slowly be rolling out on our website and YouTube channel and why we though it was important do add these types of workouts to our library.

2). The difference between “Cognitive Fitness” (mental) and “Cognitive Disability Fitness” which focuses on the physical side of health issues in those that have cognitive challenges.

3). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in working with patients who suffer from cognitive disabilities and the challenges she faced when doing physical training sessions with them.

4). How we hope our new cognitive exercises will help those who care for people with disabilities and the realization in the value in physical health along with mental health.

5). Meredith’s personal advice for those who care for people with cognitive disabilities and her suggestions on how to approach physical fitness in using our exercise exercise videos.


We hope you find this episode helpful and informative especially if you care for and or have loved ones that may suffer from cognitive disabilities. We are dedicated to helping those in need when it comes to making exercise accessible to all.

Physical, mental and emotional health is so important in all stages in life and caring for those who have these challenges should always be a priority in all aspects as we journey through life.

Team Meredith