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Podcast 198 – Dealing With Grief, Finding Balance In Uncertainty


senior fitness with meredith

Uncertainty in life is something that happens to all of us and the challenge of working through uncertain times can be daunting, especially as we age. We can make the best laid plans, have everything figured out (or so we think) and still fall into darkness when unplanned events occur.

But just because these things happen, doesn’t mean we have to stay sidelined for long periods of time. Finding ways to balance ourselves through adversity is very important and key to helping us live a long and healthy life.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). What inspired us to shed light on this topic and why we think it needed to be addressed especially in older adults.

2). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in working with clients over the years and learning of the challenges they faced via uncertain times.

3). Why it’s so important to have supportive people around you (family, friends, loved ones etc) when tragedy occurs.

4). How going through the grieving process is important when suffering a loss and knowing that it is OK to take a break and evaluate your thoughts and feelings.

5). Why exercise is so important when you are feeling stress and/or grief and how it helps the body and mind stay strong during challenging times.


Making sure we take necessary steps to stay balanced when grief and uncertainty occurs in our lives is often overlooked. It can affect our mental, emotional and physical health altogether. We hope some of the tips in this episode help you or someone you know who might be going through challenging times.

Team Meredith