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Podcast 197 – The Health Benefits of Superfoods


senior fitness with meredith

“Superfoods” seem to be all the rage in these modern times and in essence, there are many benefits to them. But what are super foods exactly?

Living an active lifestyle not only requires regular exercise but also a healthy diet. Making sure we fuel our bodies with foods that nourish them is the idea behind calling a certain food a “superfood”. There are many opinions on what kinds of foods fall into the category which we get to discuss in this episode and hopefully this will inspire you to learn more about these special foods.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Meredith’s thoughts on the term “Superfoods” and what this really means to healthy dieting.

2). Some of the common grocery items that are considered a super food and how much they will usually cost at a grocery store.

3). Some of the health benefits that these super foods provide whether fruit, vegetable, protein etc.

4). Some of the common vegetables that are considered a super food and why adding bright colors to your meal is always a great idea.

5). Why developing your own view of what healthy foods you can enjoy on a regular basis is important to maintaining and motivating you to live a healthy life.


Making sure you take in healthy foods and exercise regularly is crucial to living a long and healthy life. As many opinions change about what kind of foods give you the best benefits, this combination will always be a staple to the active lifestyle. We hope the shared tips and knowledge in this episode helps you decide what “superfoods” will work best for you on your healthy living journey.

Team Meredith