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Podcast 193 – Our Best Tips To Avoid Scams For Seniors


senior fitness with meredith

Scams are ever present these days more than ever. From online email to phone calls, scams have become a popular way for people who have bad intentions to steal credit card information, social security numbers and just about anything that they feel they can get away with.

Here at Senior Fitness With Meredith we believe not only in physical well being but mental health and awareness as well. With the rise in scamming, we felt it was necessary to address this problem and share our best tips to help you avoid these popular methods of scamming and help educate about the importance of scamming awareness especially for seniors.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). One of the main motivations behind why we thought it was important to discuss the topic of scamming and include it under our “umbrella” of health and wellness topics.

2). Meredith’s personal experience with her mother almost getting scammed as a recent personal loss to the family was used as the basis for a scam and how it was ultimately avoided.

3). Some things to look for when opening emails that looks suspicious or doesn’t fit within the normal context of what you usually receive.

4). Some of the popular phone scams that are being used that attempt to impersonate someone you supposedly know and how they use this trust to gain access to credit card number, finances etc.

5). Making sure you always take a “second look” or or pause when you feel something doesn’t look right or sound right to you and try to stay up to date on what some of the latest scamming tactics are so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.


We hope the tips we’ve shared in this episode are valuable to you or someone you know who might be prone to scams both online and in our everyday lives. Scammers will go to many lengths to get your information and there are new methods that show up every month. Making sure you are mentally aware and prepared to spot a scam is very important especially as we age and scammers get smarter.

Protecting your privacy and financial information is crucial to continuing to live an active and healthy life physically, mentally and emotionally. Having a heightened sense of awareness about scams will help you live a less stressful and healthier life.

Team Meredith