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Podcast 190 – 5 Tips To Help Prevent You From Feeling Tired


senior fitness with meredith podcast

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is having the energy to exercise on a regular basis. When we feel tired, exercising (amongst many other things) can become less of a priority and cause a slow spiral towards being less active.

But what causes us to feel tired?

Making sure we take the necessary steps to keep our mind and bodies well rested so we can take on the days challenges is a key factor in living a full healthy life and engaging in life’s activities. Activities that not only keep our bodies healthy but our minds as well.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). What feeling “tired” really means and how this affects your body, mind and motivation throughout the day.

2). How always feeling tired can easily build upon itself to where it becomes something you feel all the time and almost “normal”.

3). Why you should consider making it a priority to incorporate some kind of movement throughout your day and why this is important to both your mind and body.

4). How your diet affects your energy levels and how remembering to pay attention to the foods you put into your body can make a big difference to the way you feel.

5). Why quality of sleep is so important to avoid the feelings of tiredness and how taking necessary steps to getting better sleep can improve your energy levels greatly during the day.


We hope the 5 tips we’ve shared in this episode help motivate you to embrace habits that keep us fresh and alert during the day.

It’s OK to feel tired and times but it can become a problem when we start to feel tired all the time and it becomes out “default” mode. If you feel like this or know someone who does then we invite you to try a few of our suggestions mentioned in this episode.

Team Meredith