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Podcast 187 – The 5 Best Core Exercises You Should Be Doing


senior fitness with meredith

Core stability is essential to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Incorporating exercises that help strengthen your core which consists of your abdominal muscles, lower back and obliques will help add stability and balance to your overall physical health.

This week we’re sharing our 5 best recommended core/ab exercises that you should be incorporating into your weekly workouts. You can also see examples of all of the exercises mentioned in this episode at our workouts page here and filtered by “Core / Abs”.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). The areas of the body that are designated as your essential “core” muscles.

2). Some of the reasons and excuses that Meredith has heard in her classes on why some people don’t like to do core style xercises and what is preventing them from doing them regularly.

3). How core exercises can be done in the seated position which can be more accommodating to those who may have limitations with core exercises on the floor.

4). Some of Meredith’s tips you can try during your core routines to help you benefit from the movements that are working your targeted muscles.

5). Meredith’s 5 (plus 5 more!) bonus core exercises encompassing both seated and standing routines.


We hope you found this episode on core exercises helpful to you. Maintaining a strong core is the center of living an active lifestyle and making sure you can incorporate one ore more exercises into your weekly routines that focus on this area of your body is important to staying active safer, healthier and longer.

Team Meredith