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Podcast 186 – The Myths Behind Fad Diets And Workouts


senior fitness with meredith

Fad diets and workouts are marketed everywhere including TV and on the internet. We are bombarded by marketing ads claiming that they will all help you lose weight quick and get in your best shape in a short amount of time.

But are these claims real?

Knowing what to watch for when being marketed to about these fad diets and workouts is important. Being able to know what they are really offering and what the long term effects can be for you as a consumer can make the difference in following a successful health and fitness journey.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). How marketing new fad diets and workouts has grown in the past years and why it has become such a booming industry.

2). How fad diets and workouts can become “addicting” in a way that many people tend to go through many different programs with very little success over the long term.

3). Why many fad diets may have early success but don’t offer much help or guidance when it comes to the long term and sustaining an healthy life without limiting certain foods or consuming food purchased by a diet plan.

4). How popular fad workouts are usually marketed in a way to get you to purchase an item like new fitness equipment of supplements.

5). Meredith’s best advice on how to avoid these fad diets and exercises and why you should focus on instilling long term health habits when it comes to diet and exercise while avoiding the “noise” of the current popular fad.


Fad diets and exercises are all around us and being able to identify the real reason they are popular may not be the healthiest reasons for you. Making sure you choose the right path to a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise is the key to longevity and a meaningful active lifestyle now and into the future.

Team Meredith