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Podcast 185 – The Benefits Of Air Ball Exercises


senior fitness with meredith

Using an Air Ball (Playground Ball) as a piece of exercise equipment has many benefits. This week we wanted to dive into the many reasons why we love publishing exercise videos that use an air ball which is simply a small plastic inflatable ball that you can usually find at your local grocery store or sporting goods store.

Also called a “Playground Ball”, exercises using this workout apparatus can help with your resistance training in a safe and secure manner. Air ball workouts can be done both sitting and standing and have benefits for all levels of fitness.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Our explanation of the air ball as a piece of exercise equipment and why Meredith loves using it for designing workouts.

2). Some of the experiences Meredith has had with clients when introducing the air ball in her fitness classes.

3). How using the air ball in your routines can help you work areas of your body that are normally hard to work on with traditional home exercise equipment.

4). Some examples from Meredith on how you can use the air ball to work both your upper and lower body in a safe and secured manner whether seated or standing.

5). How using an air ball is great not just for lower impact exercises but can also be used at advanced levels and provide the same amount of benefits as a beginner level routine.


Our exercise videos cover a wide variety of workout routines and the air ball exercises are some of the best we have to offer. Using an air ball may not seem very beneficial but we hope that after listening to this episode, you will agree with us. Perfect as seated or standing routines, the air ball is here to stay and we hope you get a chance to try them out or share them with someone you know who will benefit from these types of exercises.

Team Meredith