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Podcast 184 – How Do You Know When To Increase Your Weights?


senior fitness with meredith

Do you feel yourself getting stronger?

Achieving more strength through weight training is a common goals for most people who exercise regularly. Whether you are a beginner at weight training or more advanced, we all are challenged with knowing when it is safe and appropriate to start using heavier weights to build strength. If you start lifting heavier too early you could risk injury and on the other hand waiting too long will slow you progress down to building strength.

These are common concerns we hear and this week we wanted to share some of our best tips in knowing when it is the right time for you to consider increasing the weights during your strength training sessions.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we receive a lot of comments from people asking when is the right time to increase weights and why we felt it was important to address this issue.

2). Why we sometimes have preconceived notions when starting out of how heavy we think we can lift when in reality it may be much less.

3). Some of the injuries or risks you take when attempting to increase weight too early.

4). Meredith’s thoughts on the ideal weight increments when choosing heavier weights as you progress through your training.

5). Meredith’s best tips on how to know when it’s time to move to a heavier weight during your strength training exercises.


Building strength no matter what your level of fitness is a great way to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. But making sure we approach getting stronger by increasing the weights we use in a safe and proper manner is very important.

Staying injury free is also just as important and we hope the tips we share in this episode help you along your journey to becoming stronger safely and effectively.

Team Meredith