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Podcast 182 – The Benefits Of Cardio Exercises


senior fitness with meredith

Cardio exercises are one of the most important core activities you can do to help keep your heart, body and mind healthy. Your cardiovascular system is the “freeway” of a healthy life and making sure we keep it running in top shape should be a priority when implementing a weekly exercise regimen.

This week we wanted to share some of the health benefits of cardio exercises and why getting your heart rate up a few times a week is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Meredith shares the definition of what is a a true cardio exercise and some examples of common cardio based activities.

2). The differences in doing cardio based exercises as we age and why it’s important to know how this affects your body and mind.

3). How cardio exercises directly affect your cardiovascular health and the system that is in charge of delivering blood, oxygen and all of the other important ingredients around your body to function properly.

4). Why cardio is beneficial in helping diseases like diabetes and how it can help improve one’s situation in a natural way.

5). Why doing cardio exercises regularly will not only help your body internally, but also helps you control stress so you can live a longer, healthier life.


We hope the tips we’ve shared in this episode help inspire you to include cardio exercises in your weekly routine if you aren’t already or helps motivate you to continue your cardio exercises if you do them regularly. Keeping your cardiovascular system and heart healthy is so important especially as we age and making sure we do exercises that support that is one of the secrets to a long lasting, healthy life:)

Team Meredith