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Podcast 179 – How To Determine Your Level Of Fitness


senior fitness with meredith

Are you wondering what types of exercises you should be doing? Determining what your level of fitness is can be an important part of designing an exercise schedule that you can stick to. Choosing something too hard can deter you from wanting to exercise. On the other hand, feeling like you’re not getting the results you want because your exercises are not intense enough can be frustrating as well.

Making sure you know what level of fitness you are at can help benefit your progress as you continue on your health and fitness journey. A proper workout regimen that is catered to your needs is the best way to keep you active and engaged for the short and long term.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we decided to dedicate an episode to sharing tips on finding out your level of fitness based on the many comments and questions we get from our YouTube channel.

2). How you can move through the different levels of fitness over time or why it’s OK to stay at the level you are currently at if you feel comfortable there.

3). Why modifications to a workout is important and why you can always remember to change a workout to your comfort level if it may feel too difficult.

4). Some of the great feedback we get when people are feeling like they are ready to move to the next level of fitness.

5). How you can always stay at your level of fitness but modify movements or the weights you use to challenge yourself and still progress in a safe and healthy manner.


Thank you for joining us on this important episode. We hope the tips and information we shared is helpful to you or someone you know who is struggling on where to start with their exercise plans.

Knowing what your proper level of fitness is at least to start, can make the difference between long term success and burning out too early. Making sure you have the best path to success is the key and knowing what is best for your body and fitness level is a big part of that.

Team Meredith