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Podcast 172 – The Importance Of Exercise As Stress Relief


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us on this episode today!

Stress is something we all encounter normally during the days, weeks and months of the year. To live a life that has no stress most likely isn’t much of a life. But what happens when we let it consume us where we start to have mental, emotional and physical problems? What can we do to help “dial down” our stress levels?

Fortunately the one thing we can do and have control of is our level of physical activity which has shown to help curb levels of stress especially if practiced regularly. Regular exercise can help curb stress levels to where they can be manageable and dealt with in a safe and proper manner. This has been shown many times over in scientific studies and today we share some if our best knowledge on the importance of exercise as stress relief.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). How having high stress levels without addressing them can lead us down a path to where we may become very sedentary and avoid exercise altogether which is an un favorable outcome.

2). Why exercise is usually the first thing that gets sacrificed when we are stressed out and what we can do to help avoid this scenario.

3). How learning from people that do exercise regularly to dial down stress can inspire and help you embrace this practice during stressful times in your own life.

4). Why exercising is not only good for our stress levels but also provides protection to our immune system which also helps guard us from getting sick thus, adding more stress especially if you live a busy lifestyle.

5). Why it’s important to start off slow and small if you aren’t used to exercising regularly to give your body the best chance to progress properly into a schedule that allows you to be active and help control stress.


Thanks again for joining us for this important episode. Stress levels can be affect anyone at anytime and making sure we take the proper steps to keep our mind and bodies healthy is one of the best ways to combat against rising stress. Staying active on a regular basis is the one thing we have control over and one of our best defenses to avoiding overwhelming stress.

We hope our tips and suggestions in this episode helps you or someone you know who may be weighed down by stress. Staying healthy physically, mentally and emotionally is the name of the game and we want to keep everyone active when it comes to living your best life.

Tile the next episode!

Team Meredith