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Podcast 153 – The 5 Best Strength Training Exercises For Seniors


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us on this episode!

This week we are going down our list of the best 5 strength training exercises seniors should be doing on a regular weekly basis. and what areas of the body are being targeted.

Strength training should be included in your weekly exercise schedule along side cardio and stretching. Exercising with some kind of resistance (it doesn’t have to be weights) is perfect for building muscle and contributing to the strength you need to do everyday tasks like carrying groceries, walking up and down stairs, sitting and getting up from a chair. Strength training exercises help contribute to your mobility and freedom to do the activities you enjoy:)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Meredith’s thoughts on why strength training is important especially as we age and how it contributes to living longer and independently.

2). Why you should focus on the end goal of being independent and healthy instead of attempting to be “strong” and building up “vanity muscles” when strength training.

3). Some of the best upper body exercises that help build upper body strength and contribute to our ability to carry heavier items, lift ourselves up from chairs etc.

4). Some of the best lower body strength training exercises that contribute to our stabilization and ability to climb stairs, pick up objects from the floor etc.

5). Meredith’s recommendations on how often you should try to incorporate strength training exercises into your weekly workout routines.


Thank you again for joining us on this important episode. Strength training is important no matter what your age and making sure you include resistance/strength training exercises in your weekly routines will help you stay in your best shape. Combining strength with cardio will give you the best balance to a healthy life for years to come.

Tile the next episode!

Team Meredith