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Podcast 15 – “HIIT” Workouts For Beginners

senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thanks for joining us on this episode of the Senior Fitness Podcast with Meredith.

Today’s discussion focuses around “High Intensity Interval Training” or “HIIT” workouts for short. If you exercise regularly or keep up with workout trends then you may have heard of this term before.

But what it is it?

Hit workouts can pretty much be summed up in their name… high intensity movements that get your heart rate up for short bursts of time followed by a small rest period and then repeated over multiple sets.

However, the moves you do and the exercises you fit into those “work” periods can vary greatly depending on your age, level and condition. The good news is that anyone can do them, including seniors!

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). The detailed definition of a HIIT workout is and how it compares to a normal workout routine when it comes to your cardio health.

2). How HIIT workouts still apply to seniors and how they can help your lung capacity, mobility and everyday activities.

3). Some great examples of doing a seated HIIT workout that applies to anyone who may prefer sitting while working out. You can still reap the benefits of HIIT training!

4). More examples of a full body HIIT workout that incorporates cardio and weights (resistance) but also without weights. The movements will still benefit your health.

5). How often HIIT workouts should be included into your weekly exercise routines and why you should always go at your own pace. 


Thanks again for swinging by the podcast today and joining us for our HIIT workout discussion. These type of workouts can be useful to anyone if done correctly and with the right up front preparation.

The benefits of incorporating HIIT workouts into your own routine can help jump start your cardio and strength conditioning and improve your overall health.

Researching before you start is important especially if you have limitations or are new to exercising in general.

We highly recommend you do a little bit of research on what movements would work best for you first before diving in.

Once you have a plan for what you’d like to try for your HIIT workout, give it a go and try to stick with it a few times a week. You’ll definitely start to feel a difference in your overall health.

Thanks again and we’ll see you at the next episode!

Team Meredith