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Podcast 148 – The Six Best Exercises Seniors Should Be Doing


senior fitness with meredith

Thank you for joining us on the episode!

Finding the right exercises to do can be challenging at times, especially for seniors! When looking for the best exercises it can often lead to unreliable sources or misguided suggestions from people who may not know the senior body well.

Luckily with Meredith’s help and expertise we have rounded up the six best exercises that all seniors should do regularly (based on personal ability of course) and why they are help promote everyday movements and most importantly, longevity.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). How we sometimes get “stuck” going through the same exercises each day/week and some of the reasons why we choose certain routines.

2). Some of the ways the fitness industry leads us to think that certain workouts can give you the best immediate results and why that can be misleading.

3). Some of the most common everyday movements that can become difficult for us as we age and why it’s important to be proactive to address them through exercise on a regular basis.

4). “The Goods!” Meredith shares her 6 most important exercises that all seniors should be doing!

5). How the best exercises mentioned here not only promote strength and balance but also great cardio health as well.


Thank you again for joining us on this episode! We hope the information is valuable to you and helps you think about incorporating some (or all) of the exercises mentioned here into your routines if you aren’t already. Staying healthy now and in the future is the goal for all ages and making sure we do some of the most effective exercises within our own routines that promote these goals is key.

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith