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Podcast 139 – What Is Exercise Addiction And Do You Suffer From It?


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us on today’s episode!

This week we’re taking a closer look at what exercise addiction is and ways to self diagnose yourself or others you may know if you feel it is something that may be a problem.

Over exertion of exercise can be an issue for some especially when it becomes to take a toll on your body and emotional state. Regular exercise is always recommended and a great way to stay healthy but when it becomes an obsession or a way to deal with issues in life, it can lead to injury or long term problems.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we felt this was an important topic to address and bring light to the actual problems that can occur when someone suffers from exercise addiction.

2). The emotional state and problems that occur when someone is suffering from exercise addiction.

3). What it feels like to be anxious when you miss a workout or multiple workouts and how this can lead to more serious problems later down the line.

4). Some of Meredith’s suggestions on how to manage your workouts and schedule then so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

5). Ways to help manage the anxiety and the other effects of feeling addicted to exercise that can help you control and diagnose yourself or others which can ultimately keeping you safe from short and or long term injury.


Thank you again for joining us on this episode. Exercise addiction is an issue that doesn’t get addressed very often and can cause long term injury if gone un-diagnosed. We hope our tips in this episode helps you to recognize the warning in yourself or others you care for if you feel it may be becoming an issue.

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith