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Podcast 13 – Help With Overcoming Depression

senior fitness with meredith

In this episode of our podcast we’re discussing a topic that affects many people of all ages but specifically in our senior population.

Depression is a serious mental health issue and we wanted to dedicate an episode to shining the light on ways to cope and heal from it.

Depression can affect anyone and there are many reasons why it can occur. What’s more important though is how to overcome it.

The difficulty of dealing with depression is that most people who are depressed don’t know it and therefore it can go un-diagnosed and un-treated.

This can easily lead to isolation and declining health both mentally and physically. This is what we want to avoid especially for our seniors.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Why depression doesn’t get enough attention or isn’t talked about enough in our senior population and how we can better address it to help.

2). The correlation between depression, mental health and physical health and why they are tightly related to each other. Feelings of depression can physically wear you down and how to overcome it.

3). Some examples that can trigger depression in our seniors and identifying the signs of someone who could be depressed.

4). Ways to help someone who may be depressed including support groups, therapy, daily check ins, physical exercise and communication to name a few.

5). How simple physical activities like walking or swimming can help someone who may be depressed and allow them to begin the process of healing.


Thank you for listening to this episode. We wanted to make sure that we took time to address this side of mental health that not only affects one person, but everyone around them.

Finding ways overcome depression should always be number one priority if you know a loved one who may shows signs. Physical activity should also be a part of recovery as it helps the body heal from the weight of depressed feelings.

We hope this episode helps those out there who are dealing with depression themselves or know someone who is. Always try to seek help and stay active.

Til next episode,

Team Meredith