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Podcast 129 – Best Tips To Help Curb Your Sweet Tooth Or Sugar Cravings


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us on this podcast episode!

This week we’re discussing some helpful ways to help curb your sweet tooth or sugar cravings IF you feel like you want to make changes. Sometimes we can let our cravings get the best of us and this can make us feel like we are failing at achieving our health goals.

Of course not all of us will feel that way but if you do feel like this is a problem for you then this podcast might be for you:)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). The difference between good sugars (natural) and bad sugars (processed) in the foods we eat/drink and how sugar intake is a common issue amongst people of all ages and backgrounds.

2). What the average intake of sugar is per most people and how our personal intake stacks up against it.

3). Why it’s important to not deny yourself of all sugar but it’s more important to learn how to limit your intake instead. Smaller amounts but yet still enjoy what you like.

4). The amounts of sugar that we find in our soft drinks/juices and liquids that we may not know about. These kinds of beverages can be adding un-knowing amounts of sugar calories to our diet.

5). Why keeping track of your sugar intake on a regular basis can help you get control over how much you are consuming in a week and how this can help lead to better understanding your eating habits and how to control them.


Thank you again for joining us on this podcast. We hope the tips in this episode will help you if you struggle with sugar cravings and feel like it is hindering your efforts to achieve you health and fitness goals. We can still enjoy the finer things in life AND still feel good about our health and fitness progress.

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith