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Podcast 12 – Avoid These Common Misconceptions About Exercise

senior fitness with meredith

On today’s podcast we’ll be looking at some common misconceptions about exercise and how they can affect motivation or stifle physical activity all together.

Getting regular exercise is healthy for the body no matter what age you are. But if you have certain doubts or misconceptions about how exercise is good for your body (or how it isn’t) then this could lead to adopting unhealthy habits or unproductive workouts that show little to no results.

This can be frustrating for some, especially if you’re not a big fan of exercising and getting regular physical activity to begin with.

We wanted to dedicate this episode to tackling some of these myths in hopes to help you better understand why exercising is good for your body and help clear out any misconceptions you may have.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). How having misconceptions about exercising can sometimes prevent someone from not wanting to workout at all thus missing great health benefits that they may not be aware of.

2). Why having the fear of getting too many “muscles” or getting too big with lifting weights isn’t necessarily a truth and how using resistance with weights can be a good thing.

3). Common misconceptions about back related injuries and how this affects many people where they might think exercise will cause more problems for them and why this isn’t necessarily the case.

4). How implementing a slow and steady workout pace to start will help your confidence when either just starting out or returning from injury. This will help calm a lot of fears that we can have when exercising.

5). Why there is a misconception about exercising but not necessarily maintaining a healthy diet and how that can lead to little results with your workouts. Both diet and exercise are important.


Thanks again for joining us on this episode. We hope this helps clarify the role that exercise can play in your life and why we shouldn’t be afraid to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Defining true exercise routines and educating ourselves on how they really help us is important, especially if you’re just starting out.

Here’s to a long and healthy life!

Team Meredith