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Podcast 11 – Improving Your Sleeping Habits For Seniors

senior fitness with meredith

Greetings and thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Senior Fitness Podcast with Meredith.

Not getting enough sleep is a problem for many people and especially can be true for our senior demographic. Surprisingly the older we get, the less sleep we seem to achieve.

There are many reasons that could contribute to less than restful sleeping habits like dealing medical conditions, frequent trips to the bathroom, restless legs etc.

Some of these can be helped with proper advice from your doctor there are also many other things we can take a look at that don’t necessarily require medication.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). The overall reason why getting good sleep is important and how it helps your body both physically and mentally, also some of the side effects we can experience from lack of good rest.

2). How sticking to a consistent schedule every night when it’s time to get your rest can help your body slow down and prepare for sleep. This can help improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

3). Why checking with your doctor if any combination of medications that you could be taking can have the side effects of keeping you up at night or not allowing you to fall asleep naturally. 

4). How sleeping with your pets on your bed can have negative effects on your sleeping consistency by their movement or attentiveness which can keep you awake without you even knowing it.

5). How frequent bathroom visits during the night disturbs your sleeping habits and how important it is to do your best to empty your bladder before you got to bed starting at least 2 hours ahead of time.  Or if you need to, consider wearing an adult diaper to help with the frequency of your bathroom visits. Your sleep is most important!

Thanks again for joining us on this episode. Getting good sleep is something that we all would like to have more of. Aside from using safe and prescribed medications, as you can see by this episode there are many other options to try that could help improve your sleeping habits.

We hope that after listening to this podcast you are able to try some of these tips mentioned here to help you focus on your sleeping routine. Getting better sleep not only helps the body recover but also helps rest the mind.

A good’s night rest is the best way to be prepared for the daily challenges we face at any age and especially in our senior generation.

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith