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Podcast 10 – Tips On Staying Active With Injuries Or Physical Limitations

senior fitness with meredith

Greetings and thank you again for joining us on this episode of the Senior Fitness Podcast with Meredith.

In this episode we’re discussing ways you can still stay active even if you have physical limitations either from a past injury or any kind of limited movement.

Being able to stay active is important to maintaining not only physical health but mental health as well.  Sometime we may feel like we can’t exercise because of pain or limits that we feel our bodies have.

This is not always true and we are most likely capable of doing a little more than we think we can. Of course everyone is different and what may work for one person may not work for someone else.

However, with some important research, dedication and practice, there are ways to find movements that can help you body stay healthy and strong even with physical limitations.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Why we sometimes think having a physical limitation or injury has to sideline us from doing any kind of physical activity and why doctors should be more proactive in encouraging activity even with limitations.

 2). Why learning about the human body and it’s capabilities is important when teaching classes or exercising on your own so you have the knowledge on when to stress certain areas of movement and when to modify safely for limitations.

3). How knowing the correlation between physical activity and mental health is important and how fear of exercising can stifle physical activity which then affects mental state. There are ways to build up confidence to get back into an exercise routine.

4). What “Range Of Motion” exercising is and why it might be the best way to get back into a schedule of working out especially if you’ve been away from it for a while.

5). The important notion that you should always consider some kind of exercise and motion even if you have an injury or a limitation. Being able to stay motivated to move will get you through challenging times and allow you to learn that you can still exercise and work with you limitations instead of letting them sideline you.

Thanks again for joining us today on this episode. Dealing with physical limitations and working through injuries is not always easy. We may want to exercise but our bodies can make us feel like we are limited which can lead to feeling un-motivated and un-inspired.

But hopefully in this podcast you can take away some value as to how you can still remain active even while having some sort of physical limitation.

There are always ways we can stay happy and healthy and our hopes are that this helps inspire if you’re struggling with exercise or if you are a healthcare industry worker and would like to help inspire your clients.

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith