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Osteoporosis Exercises For Seniors | Build Cardio & Strength | Beginner-Intermediate Level | 33 Min


senior fitness with meredith recommended equipment

Osteoporosis affects many people especially as we age. Without addressing it’s effects on the body we can easily become stationary which has many negative effects on the body as a whole.

In this exercise, Meredith is guiding you through a safe and easy to follow routine in both standing and seated positions (which can be modified to all seated if necessary) which builds up your cardiovascular system and strength to help with your osteoporosis.

Suffering from osteoporosis doesn’t mean you can’t be active and in this workout, the moves will help build the strength in your muscles and contribute to overall bone health in a safe and healthy manner.

This is a beginner/intermediate workout so make sure to preview before starting if you are unsure if this level is for you. Remember to take breaks when you need to, never force anything that causes pain or discomfort and always keep your water close by.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith