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LIVESTREAM – Seated HIIT Workout For Seniors w/ Weights and Stretching Cool Down


Thank you so much for joining us for this livestream. Unfortunately a technical issue came up during this livestream and we lost our stream at 3/4 through. (At 45min) We apologize for this happening! Hopefully you get a chance to make it through most of it with us.

We will be doing a full, All Over Strong, workout again!

We will start with a seated HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) working for time with short breaks between each movement.

That will be followed by a seated full body strength training with weights workout, done in a HIIT timed format as well. A nice relaxing stretch at the end will finish off our workout.

Don’t let being seated in the chair fool you…it will be challenging! Remember, it can all be modified doing range of motion if needed. Or standing for even more of a challenge:)

You will need a chair, weights or other resistance objects, and your water. Get ready for a full body, HIIT and weights workout! Looking forward to seeing you at this Senior Fitness with Meredith Livestream!

Team Meredith