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LIVESTREAM – Low Impact Cardio, Resistance Bands With Exercise Ball And Stretching Cool Down


This week’s Livestream workout will be standing and seated. We will be using an air ball/playground ball, stress balls(2), and our resistance band.

We will start with our cardio work holding the stress balls, 1 in each hand. Followed by standing balance and air ball work. We will then sit and work with the air ball and resistance band. Ending with a nice relaxing stretch to finish our workout.

Remember, it can all be modified doing range of motion or all seated if needed.

You will need an air ball or small pillow, stress balls or washcloths, resistance band, a chair, and your water.

Get ready for a full body workout!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday for the

Senior Fitness with Meredith Livestream!!

Team Meredith