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senior fitness with meredith

Thursday, 5/14: Livestream Day! And boy is it going to be a good one…and a long one…I can’t wait!

Monday, 6/1: So you can see I have not written in quite some time. Well, I am a little “off” with how I am feeling. With over 2 months of not going to my paying job, and looking for something since day one but no luck, it has been difficult. I am loving the work I am able to get done for Senior Fitness with Meredith and the Livestream’s we are doing every Thursday and hopefully more days soon, I get conflicted with working full time and losing this focus and accomplishment.

That all being said, I did get hired today just for a minimum wage part-time job to help with expenses and still be able to do this and feel like I am helping so many seniors and others out there.

So that is a good thing:) Hope it goes well and I enjoy it! Will let you know how it goes tomorrow;)

Tuesday, 6/2: First day at a new job, fun right?! Nerve-wracking no matter how big or small the position is. And that is exactly how I felt today. But it went great:) Yes, very nervous, but I picked up my “job” quickly and got to work! It was nice to talk with people, to laugh and feel productive outside of the home and the job I am doing here in my home for my family and Senior Fitness extended family I am creating. So as far as first days at something new goes, it went well! And I am proud of myself and the example I am making for my kids. Work hard through all times in life!! Try hard always!!Feel good at the end of every single day!!