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senior fitness with meredith

Friday, 5/1: Last day of the “work/school” week…a good feeling, even now:) Today is getting ready for Saturday’s recording day…doing 5 workout recordings tomorrow, so I need to be ready in every way. It is fun, but exhausting. Along with that is just getting kids to a good place with school work. Like I said before, the weekends are still filled with homework and due dates on Sunday evening so it is very different.

Saturday, 5/2: Recording Day! Now this is an exciting day for me! I get to record multiple workouts that I have been working on, or workouts that viewers may have asked for in comments and suggestions. This week’s filming will be 3 that I have gotten many asking for. The other 2 are workouts that will be very beneficial for all, and have been asked for as well.
It is very exciting for me to get new info out to those who want it and are interested in it…it makes me so happy to feel I am helping many people with my workouts. That is why I do it:) And what I love it so very much!!

Sunday, 5/3: On Sunday every 2 weeks we record two podcasts!! Also a very fun day because I get some information I have on select topics out to the people:) Sunday starts with a nice breakfast first. I think today I will go on a nice long walk to clear the mind first then will get the day going.
Will be a great day!