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Learning Level | Introduction To Playground Ball Training For Seniors


Welcome to our first “Learning Level” introductory video. In this session Meredith is introducing one of our favorite workout pieces of equipment, the playground ball.

Using the playground ball is a great way to get a low impact workout in with simple resistance. Usually used as a toy, we transform it into an effective way to help build strength and flexibility.

For this “Learning Level” session we are focusing on how to use the playground ball properly. We are also focusing on explaining the reasoning behind some of the movements and why they benefit you when it comes to building your strength and flexibility.

This series is meant to be an introduction to some of the core concepts we use when coming up with our workouts and the playground ball is always a great addition.

We hope you get a chance to utilize it in your next workout. We have great examples of these kinds of workouts right here on our website and the learning level video is a great start.


Team Meredith