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Improve Your Posture And Kyphosis With These Stretches | Senior Fitness | Learning Level


In this learning level workout you will learn about exercises for kyphosis and other postural ailments.

Kyphosis is by definition “excessive outward curvature of the spine, causing hunching of the back”. Kyphosis affects the thoracic spine, the upper-middle area, causing a curve in the upper back and causing the common hunchback appearance.

The key with kyphosis, and all postural ailments that need to be corrected, is to focus on strengthening and stretching all areas of the back primarily the upper back muscles. Strengthening the upper back will counteract the forward pull of the spine.

You will learn exercises to strengthen the upper back and spine, as well as stretch the back and core.

Enjoy the stretches and exercises to help with kyphosis and all posture issues.

Team Meredith