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How To Exercise Your Core | Learning Level For Trainers and Seniors


In this video, Meredith is breaking down the exact muscles that make up your core and what is the best way to engage those muscles to get the best results when exercising.

We may not realize it but we use our core muscles every day. From sitting and standing in a chair to walking up and down stairs. Our core is the centerpiece of our stability and making sure we include it on our daily exercise is very important.

When we think “core” we usually only think about our stomachs but in reality, there is much more included in our core. Our lower back plays a big role in the core muscle group as well as our obliques or the sides of our stomach and back.

All of these muscles working together to help stabilize our bodies and keep us firm.

We hope you enjoy this “Learning Level” video designed to help educate both fitness trainers and seniors alike.

Team Meredith