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Helpful Stretches To Alleviate Shoulder Dysfunction Or Ailment | Learning Level


In this learning level video Meredith walks you through some useful stretches you can do in the comfort of your own home to help with shoulder dysfunction or shoulder ailments.

Shoulder pain can cause many to have issues when it comes to exercising and staying flexible. Pain in the shoulder prevents us from being able to do some things that are essential to everyday activities like carrying groceries, holding on to stair railings, lifting up for items in higher shelves or even hugging a loved one!

Staying healthy in our shoulders is very important and with the stretches shown in this video you can help alleviate some of the pain or limitations you have to help keep you active.

Remember to only do movements that are comfortable for you and follow along at your own pace. Never force movements that may cause you pain or discomfort.

We hope you enjoy this learning level video!

Team Meredith