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Helpful Stretches And Strengthening Movements For Your Wrists And Hands | Learning Level | 16 Min


In this learning level video Meredith is guiding you through some helpful stretches you can try at home to both add flexibility and strengthen your wrists and hands.

Dealing with flexibility and strength issues in your hands can become a problem especially as we age. Not being able to pick up or hold objects or when we feel pain doing so can cause issues for us physically and mentally.

Fortunately there are some everyday moves we can try to help improve our mobility in our hands which are showcased in this video. For this learning level video Meredith is showing you some useful stretches you can do using equipment like dumbbells, rubber bands, resistance bands or even a towel.

However you don’t need equipment to get these stretches in, the most important thing to remember is to consistently do them as often as possible to feel great results.

We hope enjoy this great learning level video and it helps you improve and pain or discomfort you may be feeling in your wrists or hands.

Team Meredith