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Full body Workout | Posture Balance and Stretch


In this workout, we are going through a full-body routine to work all areas that you use from day to day.

Utilizing sitting and standing positions, we’ll be working both you upper and lower body first by implementing stretching movements to get your body warmed up and then go into more aerobic movements to get some resistance to build muscle as well as balance to build stability.

Having good posture and balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We use our balance everyday when doing activities like walking up stairs, picking up things from the ground, navigating through crowds or even just getting up or sitting down in a chair.

Stretching on a regular basis is also important to help keep you body flexible and your muscles ready to engage when you need to move throughout your day.

As usual, only do what feels comfortable for you and never force any movements that may cause you any discomfort. Be aware of your surroundings when you do your stand up exercises and remember to drink lots of water.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith