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Full Body Resistance Band Loop Workout For Seniors And Beginners | All Seated | 25Min


In this exercise video Meredith will be guiding you through an easy to follow, full body resistance band loop workout all seated and perfect for anyone who is just starting out using resistance bands or if you’re looking to get some extra strength training in.

Resistance bands are a great alternative to using weights if you’re looking to build strength in a safe and effective manner. Bands come in many different resistance weights and sizes. For this workout, we are using a looped band which you can also create on your own if you don’t have a one. Just simply tightly tie one of your bands into a loop and that will work just as well.

This is an all seated workout and safely leads you through a full body routine from your lower body to your upper body. Make sure you only do movements that you are comfortable with and never force anything that causes you pain or discomfort.

Make sure you always have your water close by and have a great workout!

Team Meredith