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Four Ways To Improve Your Posture And Balance


Having a strong posture and steady balance is important when it comes to getting through a busy week of activities. Sometimes we may also sit for longer periods of the day, more than we think.

Working on a computer, watching TV, sitting at a table playing cards or working on creative projects. These all add up when it comes to the toll your back and core take.

In this video we break down a few ways you can help build up your posture and balance by making small easy adjustments to our daily routines.

1). Stand Tall: Pay attention to how you stand, how your posture is throughout the day. Shoulders back and down, open and proud through the chest, lengthen the spine, crown of the head towards the sky! Stay tall and open through the body all day long.

2). Exercise: Strengthening your body will help the entire frame and your posture. Also, exercise strengthens the bones with the “good stress” on your joints that exercise gives; it helps stimulate them to become stronger and denser. Also helping if a fall does occur with less likelihood of a break occurring. Don’t forget to add stretching and flexibility exercises to your routine. Keeping yourself flexible and stretched out through the spine, abdominals, chest, and back will keep you tall.

3). Strengthen the Core: The abdominals and lower back muscles make up the core region, which are vitally important when it comes to balance and posture. The core are your stabilizers, whether sitting tall in a chair or standing tall, and maintaining balance. Doing abdominal and lower back strengthening exercises each day will help build those areas and overall help with your balance.

4). Look at Your Shoes: Pay attention to the shoes you are wearing and how they affect your posture and balance. Being able to feel the entire foot on the ground and with each step to help your gait and stride. Also, making sure we do not wear shoes that place all our weight towards the ball of the foot(ie. high heels) causing balance and posture to be off. Or shoes that cause the foot to pronate or supinate (go inward or outward), causing balance and posture to be disturbed. Find a stable, sturdy shoe for comfort throughout the day.

As always, do what feels best for you but take these suggestions into consideration. Having a healthy, strong and balanced posture will carry you through your busy day and spare you more back pain and discomfort.

A little effort to help keep your posture healthy goes a long way!

Stay happy and healthy,