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Exercises If You Have Scoliosis | Learning Level For Trainers And Seniors


Scoliosis is curvature of the spine. It comes in many degrees of severity, and types. There is s-curve and c-curve. Also, it can stay the same or worsen with time and age. The main components to look at to help with scoliosis are: core strength, proprioception(where you/your body is in space), and posture. Taking all three into consideration when strengthening the body is very important.

Hips can become out of alignment so working on the entire core, back, and spine strengthening, as well as posture exercises, will help get the body back into alignment. The upper back can start to hunch with the shoulders coming forward, so strengthening through the upper back and chest can also help open the body and correct posture.

Scoliosis will not go away, but the aches and pains you get from it can be decreased with light exercising and strengthening of the entire body. And the effects can be decreased with these exercises done daily.

Team Meredith