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Chair Pilates Workout For Seniors And Beginners | 18 Min


senior fitness with meredith recommended equipment

In this exercise video Meredith is guiding you through an easy to follow chair (seated) pilates routine perfect for anyone looking to get started with pilates in a safe and effective manner.

Pilates exercises are great for those looking to strengthen muscles but it focuses more on improving muscle tone than building muscles, but the result is similar: greater stability and endurance. This helps with common activities throughout your day such as walking up stairs, sitting up and getting out of chair or carrying groceries etc.

This is a seated routine which means movements are done in a safe and protected manner which is perfect for those who may have knee or hip issues, or who just prefer seated exercises overall.

Remember to take breaks if you need to and never force movements that cause you pain or discomfort. Keep you water close by and have a great pilates workout!

Team Meredith