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Calming Bedtime Stretches For Seniors And Beginners | 15 Min


In this exercise video Meredith will be guiding you through a series of calming and relaxing stretches that you can do at bed time or anytime you feel you need a good stretch.

Stretching before bed is a great way to get your body relaxed for sleep. Loosening tension in muscles and joints helps relax your body and not only has physical benefit but mental benefits as well.

These stretches not only work great at night before bed but can be done anytime during the day when you have some down time. Perhaps before a nap, after a nap or even after exercising. Stretching is always a great way to finish up or even begin a new activity.

Overall, stretching before bed is a great idea and we hope you find these helpful stretches useful to you and your sleep routine.

Enjoy your stretches!

Team Meredith