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All Over Strong: Self-Confidence


senior fitness with meredith

Self-confidence is an important part of our everyday lives, through all ages and all stages of life. Being confident can help us get through the rough days that we all encounter, and help us maintain health and well-being on the good days.

When we radiate more self-confidence we tend to be more social, try new things, and feel more independent; we have an overall better outlook on how we can manage daily activities. Essentially, self-confidence evokes positivity; and being positive lends itself to better habits and overall health.

Believe in yourself! How can you gain self-confidence and positivity when your mind and body does not allow it? Constantly telling yourself that you are good enough and confident in all things you do. Trust in yourself and let the positivity grow.

Some ways we can cultivate healthier levels of self-confidence:

1). Look for social connections: Those who have supportive, loving relationships with friends and family consistently report higher self-esteem and happiness. Whether you are able to be with loved ones, schedule a Zoom call, or join in a Livestream, it is so important to keep social connections alive.

2). Promote feelings of independence: Do not let the loss of independence change your outlook on things. Do what you can on any given day…and NEVER feel like you have failed or you are not good enough if you need to ask someone for assistance. We all need to ask for a little help sometimes! Also, keeping up with your balance training is a great way to keep feeling independent.

3). Find support to help with life changes: stay social, share and listen, know there is always someone to help you with all needs in your life.

Remember how important it is to remain confident in yourself! Let go of any negative thoughts and accept only the good, positive thoughts to stay. The mind is an amazing tool. How we think about ourselves controls so much of what we do. Building up your self-esteem and self-confidence will allow you to live to your full potential! It will help to get you All Over Strong! We are all here for each other in our Senior Fitness With Meredith Community!!

Stay happy, healthy, and confident always!