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Advanced Workout For Seniors | Full Body With Cardio Warm Up And Stretching Cool Down


In this exercise video Meredith will be taking you through a full body “Advanced” routine that will be working all areas of your body and includes using resistance with light dumbbells.

This exercise routine will also have a transition to the ground so only try this workout if you feel comfortable with movements on the ground.

However, you can always do these ground movements on a bed or stable couch as well and you can also substitute the weights with cans of soup or bottles of water.

This workout is specifically designed to strengthen and tone your whole body all in one session. This is one of our longer exercise routines and includes a low impact cardio warm up and a stretching cool down at the end to give you a complete refreshing feeling when completed.

Again, only do movements that you feel comfortable with and if there is anything that causes pain or discomfort then modify the movement or skip over it. Since this is an advanced session, it’s recommended you check out our “preview” window at the beginning of the video to see if you will feel comfortable with this workout.

As always, drink lots of water to stay hydrated since this will be a long session. If you are OK with transitions to the ground, also make sure you have a comfortable mat or area that you can lay on.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith