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Advanced Kettlebell At Home Workout For Seniors


In this workout, we are going through an Advanced Kettle Bell routine that is meant to build full body strength as well as build up your cardiovascular system.

This workout is an “Advanced Level” which we would recommend only if you are comfortable with using a kettlebell and have the range of motion, strength, and flexibility to do the movements. It also incorporates both standing and transitions to the ground.

Kettlebells come in all weights and sizes and are great to use for full-body functional strength building. They are designed with a unique handle which allows you to grip it in ways that make it easy to either swing or lift.

You can always substitute the kettlebell with a smaller weight like a dumbbell or even just doing the movements without a weight. The movements in this workout are still effective even if you don’t use a kettlebell as your body will still benefit from the range of motion.

As always, only do movements that you feel comfortable with, don’t cause pain or discomfort and remember to drink lots of water.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith