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5 Tips To Finding The Right Senior Living Community


It can be a hard decision to leave your single-family home, and make the transition into a senior community. There are many things to look at, and each individual person has different reasons and desires that appeal to them.

From talking with seniors at the communities I have had the pleasure to be involved in, here are the top five things I have heard from residents when they were looking to make the move:

1). Price: Price point has to fit the budget; not just now but for the long term.

2). Community Activities & Events: What do you like to do? From painting to watching movies, from group fitness to outings…look at the schedule of monthly events and circle what you like. Compare them to one another and see what has more to offer you.

3). Proximity to Doctors & Hospitals: Do you have established care with doctors you like and are comfortable with? Trying to stay close if you drive or get a ride from transportation. Also, if an emergency arises, being close to the hospital for ease.

4). Dining Options: What type of food do you like, and when do you usually eat? Get a monthly menu and see what they have to choose from. What dietary restrictions do you have to be concerned about? Look for the many options you have at each community, and meal.

5). Transition and other housing options: If you are moving into independent living, think about the future and the possibility of having options for assisted living and/or memory care close by in the same community. Also, is there a care center if you get a procedure done. This allows you to heal and then transition back into your independent living apartment when ready.

Many things to look at before making a decision and the “big” move. Take your time, find what you like, and be happy with the decision!

Stay Happy & Healthy & Positive Always!