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5 Minute “Wake Me Up!” Seated Cardio Workout For Beginners and Seniors


senior fitness with meredith recommended equipment

In this exercise video Meredith is guiding you through an easy to follow quick 5 minute seated cardio routine designed as a “Wake Me Up” session to help get your body energized and ready for the day.

Seated low impact cardio routines are perfect for anyone at a beginner level or who may have limited mobility with standing routines. Seated routines are very effective when performed correctly and the help promote flexibility, mobility and a healthy cardiovascular system. This is a quick 5 minute routine which can be done in the comfort of your own home to help get you stretched, relaxed and moving.

Remember to only do movements that you are comfortable with and that don’t cause any pain or discomfort. Take breaks when you need to and keep your water close by.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith