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30 MIN Standing Boxing Cardio Workout For Seniors | Intermediate Level


Welcome! In this exercise video Meredith is taking you through a great standing cardio boxing workout.

This workout is an intermediate level exercise, all standing and a great way to get a cardio burn in. This 30 min exercise incorporates both shadow boxing and cardio movements. This is a great way to raise your hear rate and get your blood pumping!

Boxing is perfect to get both a upper and lower body workout because you get to use all of your major muscle groups including your legs, back and arms. Meredith keeps things moving in this session so you will keep your body active and moving even while navigating through each move.

As always make sure you drink lots of water and go at your own pace. All moves can be modified to your level and never do moves that cause any discomfort.

We hope you enjoy this workout!

Team Meredith