30 Minute Video Consultation With Meredith



Order your 30 minute video consultation with Meredith and get 1 on 1 advice & coaching on any of your health & fitness or wellness related questions. We have had many questions about offering a consultation service and we’re excited to chat with you and learn more about your goals, challenges and fitness journey!

What Is Included With My Order?
Your order will include a one time purchase, 30 Min video conference call exclusively with Meredith. This will be via Zoom or Google Hangouts video conferencing. (Whichever works best for you)

Video Conferencing References:
How To Join A Zoom Meeting
How To Join A Google Meeting (Requires a Gmail Account)

What Is Included In Your Consultation?
We love hearing about your fitness journey and welcome any questions/discussions regarding fitness, health, wellness or personal challenges that you are facing with exercise. Your conference is meant to be a 1 on 1 consultation focusing on your needs and goals and how we can help.

When Will My Video Conference Take Place?
Once your order has been received, we will contact you via email regarding scheduling a time for your video meeting.

Note: We are located at Mountain Standard Time U.S. (Phoenix, AZ) so please use this link to see your time difference. We will do our best to schedule a time that works best for both you and our team.

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Any questions or comments please feel free to email us anytime at meredith@seniorfitnesswithmeredith.com

We look forward to talking with you!